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How did TDP begin?

What’s the genesis of the Dap Project? Technically, November 14, 2019. Aaron and I were having lunch at Le Diplomate, a fancy French bistro on 14th St. in Logan Circle. The location may have been my suggestion – I hadn’t eaten there previously, and it is conveniently located midway between my office in Dupont Circle and his in Shaw.

We ate: onion soup and fries for me, spinach and scrambled eggs for Aaron. (Having bbq later, he explained). We chatted about work stuff, as we both work in education. Then, I went off script: so, I’ve been thinking about dap…

Aaron admits now that he looked at me quizzically, a respectful version of “whatchu talkin’ ‘bout Willis?” I bit my lip and pressed on. It’s so interesting how dap says so much in just a few seconds of a basic embrace. And guys aren’t the most communicative of people, but the gesture is so loving. I'm interested in what's being said without being said.

Aaron reflected for a minute, and slowly began to riff on the different types of dap, the dap gone wrong, the accidental dap, and the best dap.  By the end of lunch, we agreed that we had something. Not sure what, but something. This is the official beginning of The Dap Project.


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